Addiction, Performance, Recovery

Messy Connections is a collaborative network that seeks to build connections with people interested in exploring addiction and associated issues through the conduit of performance. Founder, Cathy Sloan, is a theatre-maker and researcher whose work challenges preconceptions of addiction and endeavours to nurture ecologies of recovery.

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Collisions Festival @Central            Wednesday 2nd October 2019 4-6pm

Hosted by Cathy Sloan, founder of Messy Connections.

This is a pop-up cabaret and conversational event that celebrates the expression of recovery (and recoverist) communities through collaborative performance events.

Celebrating the creative insights from people affected by addiction and those with understanding of recovery.

There will be a range of short performances from arts organisations and independent artists.

Featuring: guest speaker Mark Prest (Portraits of Recovery), music from Simon Mason (Hightown Pirates), performances from Outside Edge Theatre, Small Performance Adventures, Katie O’Brien, Anna North, Recoverist Theatre Project and Steve Lawless.  

Free Entry 

Further details via twitter @MessyConnect 

Image credits: 

Main Image: 'Dear Dad...' (Camera Phone 2017) Credit: courtesy of the artist, Mark Prest.

Inset Images (from B-R) Outside Edge Theatre - credit: Ali Wright

Katie O-Brien - credit: Gaz Cook

Simon Mason -  courtesy of artist

Small Performance Adventures - credit: Sweet Edit

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Find out about recent publications and projects related to recovery-engaged performance practice (arts that work with an understanding of the lived experiences of lives affected by issues related addiction).




August, 2018

New article on recovery-engaged theatre-making as a 'space of potentiality' that supports growth in recovery practices.

'Understanding Spaces of Potentiality in Applied Theatre' by Cathy Sloan.

Published on-line in Research in Drama Education: Applied Theatre and Drama Research. 


January, 2018

Zoe Zontou's latest article outlines the way in which the practice of Fallen Angel Dance Theatre engages with risky aesthetics and critical vulnerability. 

'Upon Awakening: Addiction, Performance, and Aesthetics of Authenticity' in

Alice O'Grady (ed.) 2017 Risk Participation and Performance Practice

March, 2018

Now published

Performance Research journal's  special edition, 'Under The Influence' contains a section dedicated to practice research related to recovery from addiction.

'Aestheticising Addiction to Generate Change: An exploration of performance practice with drug-use narratives' by Cathy Sloan. 

'Outside Edge's Theatre for Recovery' by James Reynolds.

'Under the influence of...Affective Performance' by Zoe Zontou.